SonarWiz Map-Office displays real time mosaics about sonar waves
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Chesapeake's newest product for real-time mosaics is currently being offered as an option to SonarWiz customers who require real-time mosaic capabilities in an easy to use and affordable package. Also provides complete post processing capabilities. Features include automatic gain control, TVG, beam angle correction integrated bottom tracker and navigation editor. Complete post-processing functions included too.


- Real time data acquisition and display: supports most sonar systems, plus navigation, fathometer, magnetometer and cable payout meter input.
- Real-time and post processed sonar mosaic production.
- Real-time survey-line generator, editor and steering indicator makes line following a breeze.
- Real-time QC-sonar waterfall display.
- Interactive and on-the-fly scaling.
- Sonar file importing: supports most sonar file formats.
- Comprehensive selection of pre-defined geodetic datums, coordinate systems and map projections, plus support for user defined datums and projections.
- Basemap/chart support for georeferenced JPEG, TIFF or BMP, BSB, S-57, VPF and more.
- Vector map overlays using ESRI Shapefiles, AutoCAD DXF and more.
- Bottom Tracker: manual and automatic modes.
- Comprehensive signal processing and gain control including Beam Angle Correction, Destriping, Non-linear per-channel TVG, AGC, layback.
- On-screen feature digitizing and attribution.
- Target capture and reporting in HTML and MS-Word formats.

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